Tax Service

Officeplus Tax Services prioritizes maximum and effective services in realizing your company’s goals, and joint partnerships.
We believe that our expertise will benefit your company in solving your company’s accounting problems, monthly and annual tax compliance by respecting confidentiality and professionalism in carrying out our services.

Accounting Services : Starting From IDR 1.650.000
  • Accounting Journal Preparation for defecting company transactions
  • Journal Posts
  • Prepare and Manage the List of Fixed Assets
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation
  • Preparation of the Ledgers and Ledgers
  • Preparation of Trial Balance
  • Preparation of Monthly and Annual Financial Reports (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement)
Tax Arrangement Services : Starting From IDR 1.980.000
Monthly & Annual Tax Return TAX COMPLIANCE SERVICES : Starting From IDR 1.100.000
  • The Services to be provided for the Company cover the following : Withholding Tax Reports (PPh 21, PPh 23/ PPh 4(2)/PPh26) Prepare, calculate and pay the Income Tax Art 21; Tax Art 23, 4(2) & 26 (if any) and File the related documents to the Tax Office.
  • Monthly Value Added Tax (VAT) Reports (PPN) Review the Company’s Input and Output Tax Invoices (Faktur Pajak); Prepare, calculate and pay the VAT; and File the related documents to the Tax Office.
  • Monthly Installment of Income Tax Article 25 Prepare the Tax Payment Slip (SSP) of Income Tax Article 25; and File the related documents to the Tax Office.
Monthly & Annual Tax Return
ANNUAL EMPLOYEE’S INCOME TAX RETURN (SPT 1721) : Starting From (Contact us for The Cost)

The services that will be rovided for the Company cover the following :

  • Review the payroll data prepared by you (the data have been reconciled with your ledger);
  • Prepare the data to calculate the payroll taxes;
  • Prepare the Employee’s Income Tax Return (Form 1721); and
  • Lodge the Employee’s Income Tax Return to the Tax Office.
onthly & Annual Tax Return
ANNUAL INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX RETURN (SPT 1770/1770S) : Starting From IDR 1.650.000

Incorrespond with the provision of 2005 Annual Employee’s Income Tax Return (SPT 1721) we will also assist you to prepare the Company’s employee’s 005 Individual Income Tax Return.

The services that will be provided for the Company cover the following :

  • Calculate the individual’s annual income tax liability (if any);
  • Review the amount of the individual’s prepaid employee income tax;
  • Prepare the tax payment slip for the annual individual income tax due (if any);
  • Complete the form SPT 1770 and required attachments to be filed with the Tax Office; and
  • Lodge the Return with the Tax Office.
Assistance in Tax Audit, Objection & Appeal : Starting From IDR 22.000.000
We assist and represent clients in dealing with audits conducted by tax authorities and subsequent objections and appeals against tax assessments. Our tax professionals will provide effective strategies on such actions, including the filing of all necessary documents and facts to support our strong and valid argumentations for defense.
Comprehensive Tax Review : Starting From IDR 11.000.000
This service is aimed to ensure that clients have continuously maintained the compliance with tax provisions. We will review, test and diagnose clients financial records and related documents to identify such improper tax treatments that might give rise to any tax penalties and potential tax burden. This service will come up with our excellent suggestions and recommendations to cope with.
Tax Administration : Starting From IDR 880.000
We help clients for the registration and revocation of Tax Identification Number (NPWP), the application for a tax clearance certificate and other tax administration matters.
Taxable Entrepreneur Services ( PKP ) : Starting From IDR 1.100.000
Tax Training, Workshops, Seminars & Research : Starting From (Contact us for The Cost)
This service includes in-house tax trainings and workshops that are intended to improve the skills and knowledge of both domestic and international taxation. We provide not only general training for specific industries based on clients needs. We also provide seminars for any current and relevant issues in tax legislation and practices. In addition, we do tax research for specific purposes.